Is India Moving Towards Fascism?


I read about INDIA AND FASCISM, and according to me, India is showing some signs of fascism. Mahua Moitra, for the first time Member of this Parliament, took up the government, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, point-by-point on many matters in his initial speech on 25 June in Parliament, during two days of debate on a motion of thanks to the President of the Indian Parliament. “Brexit, Trump, Putin and trump now” the New York Times Op-Ed columnist, Pankaj Mishra, said.

In the culture of the government, something is wrong. In May 2014, like Narendra Modi, a leader of the right-wing, the stinking, was first unmistakable in India. I also read ‘ India displays classic signs that fascism foreshadow ‘.

4 Signs That Raise a Question Whether India is Changing Towards Fascism

Authoritarianism And Fraudulent Elections

In recent years, Indian elections have shown that India is progressively becoming a one-party democracy. If it is a one-party system, should it even be called a democracy? Elections in favour of a particular party were suspected of being rigged, thereby raising doubts about silent and gradual transformation towards an authoritarian state. Discrepancies and errors have also been exposed on many occasions, but without an independent investigation agency, the disagreement disappears after some uproar.

Controlled Press And Media

I have noticed that the media’s failure to show a willingness to challenge the government’s failed policies, its failure to implement several programs, false information, and the progress that is only visible on paper have created grave doubts regarding press and media independence in India.

In a White House press conference, Mr Donald Trump’s dialogue with a CNN reporter reflects an attitude that is never heard of even in India, as the ruling elite has never embraced a full-duplex mode of communication. Even in the few interviews produced with chosen media houses, issues named “lollipops” have proven to be unambiguous.

Religion And Government Intertwined

I recently came to know that the policy was found to divert mass interest from major national problems by focusing on small concerns such as meat, azane, interreligious marriage, etc. Such challenges culminated in a large rate of crime. The government is contradictory. It has cautiously applied its strategies.

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In many places, beef-eating is forcibly shut down and the condition is true. The decisions and actions of the government are guided by vested interests politically. These are not correct, just high ideals or specific standards to be taken into account in policymaking by governments.

Ultra Nationalism

As a means for implementing their nationalistic policies, the ruling elite has effectively used xenophobia. The government has sidelined issues of the most important character by evoking the nation’s nationalistic feelings. Citizens will always fall for this trick because Bharat Mata ki Jai is always there.

Even the nice revolutionary word was used as a device for reaching electoral victories in the polls while speaking about patriotism. Nationalism has not been rooted solely in populism but has become chauvinism.