Is India Losing Track Of Democracy?


“I understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong.” – Gandhi

I was hooked to my television in the last few days, watching my country burn in the fire of misunderstanding and hate. Both the governments and people have forgotten the meaning of democracy, and due to ill knowledge and hateful rumours, people have created a democrazy.

I am sad on learning the knowledge that we are failing as a collective voice. The freedom to speech has become a thing of the past and we are failing to raise our opinion. We are afraid most of the time because anything we post or say out loud can label us as anti-national. Just because we disagree with the government on some issues, doe not mean that we hate our country.

We need to understand as a community that people have different opinions and different nature, that doe not mean we are pariahs. Our country is a great one, but it is great because of its diversity. We cannot ruin our home and hate our neighbours because the media channels or politicians say so.

The channels dramatize everything because they need the viewers to sell adds. It is human nature to know more about what is happening in the country. It is our right to peacefully protest and make our voices heard. If we lose the right to form an opinion and say it out loud, yes the democracy will lose its track.