Is Evil Morty really a Rick?


This article reaches into all we know about Evil Morty, including fan theories. So don’t get frantic about spoilers, moron.

One of the predominant theories is that Evil Morty is the initial Morty — that is Rick’s Morty, a.k.a. Morty of Earth C-137. After they beat the assassin rick, Original Rick speaks to his Morty that he is the “Rickest Rick,” hinting his Morty is the “Mortiest .” He doesn’t say it yet and lets that Morty guess he’s the Mortiest when in fact it might be Evil Morty.

What it refers is that Our Morty isn’t Initial Rick’s Morty because Original Rick isn’t really from the same universe that he arrives into the pilot. 

In chapter “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind,” we discover out that the Evil one is under the dome is a robot that Evil Morty has been dealing with. If there was no Rick there because no Rick that desires to hide, why did so many Mortys call for to be oppressed to cover a Rick? Even Rick C-137 states that abusing Mortys in that construct is wild extreme. Maybe because there was a Rick there sheltering in the most exceptional place to cover somewhere no one would notice as a Morty.

In the episode “The Ricklantis Mixup” Evil Morty says Campaign Manager Morty “young man.” Evil Morty: “Maybe you should have a bare faith, young man.” Campaign Manager Morty: “You don’t pay off me to have faith…and we’re the same age!” Again in the same chapter, two Ricks have a highly related exchange. Rick D. Sanchez III: “What’s your name, man?” Terrorist Rick/Rick J-22: “Rick…and I’m…” Rick D. Sanchez III: (winds up the other Rick’s sentence) “…the same age as me. I know.”

Subjective but admitting to all of the discussion of Evil Morty in “The Ricklantis Mixup” it can set up to reflect a lot like stuff Rick would suggest (if you tune in to it repeatedly, imagine Rick’s voice for all the Evil Morty exchange). Even when Evil Morty says “Morty type thing” he reflects more like character faking a “Morty accent “…comparable to when Cop Morty changes his “aw geez Morty accent” when speaking to the Street Mortys.

God, ‘don’t be such a Jerry. It’s just a goddamn TV show.