Indian Regional Movies Which Will Leave You Speechless


Language does not have to be a barrier if you are inquisitive. Most of the movies which are sent for the official nominations at the Oscar from India are regional only. Still, because they are a different language than Hindi, we don’t watch them and miss an excellent opportunity to observe and learn in the form of entertainment. I am positive that these regional movies will leave you awestruck, and let me tell you why.

Marathi – Kachha Limbu

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Considered as a gem of Marathi cinema, Kachha Limbi is the story of a couple with a mentally disabled son. They have to make a lot of sacrifices to survive, which makes them absent from each other, even when they are sitting beside. The movie is a tear-jerker drama, but worth your time.

Malayalam – Bhayanakam 

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A poetic piece of cinema. Set in WWII, Bhayanakam is the story of a postman who is responsible for delivering money orders to the family of soldiers, but he also brings the news of their demise. Whenever he is out for delivery, it is assumed that he is only bringing news of someone’s death.

Assamese – Village Rockstars

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One of my favourite regional movies. Village Rockstars is not your ordinary drama film. It involves disasters, hope, and music. A young girl Dhunu dreams of having a guitar and becoming a musician someday, however life has plans of its own, but will they bend the will of Dhunu?

Jasari – Sinjar

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Sinjar will break your heart. Made in Jasari, a dialect of Malayalam, is about the plight of women. Two women are abducted and are forced to work for ISIS in Iraq, when they return to home, they face society’s regressive wrath.