I’m Not There Is The Most Unconventional Biopic You’ve Probably Not Heard Of


 “Inspired by the music and the many lives of Bob Dylan.”

Have you ever heard about a biopic movie where different actors portray the main character’s life, and not even one of them is named after the real guy? I’m not there is one such movie. Intriguing, illuminating, and musical. These are the words I need to utter to describe such a film.

Cate Blanchett (left) Bob Dylan (Right)

For those who don’t know Bob Dylan, he is one of the greatest and most successful musicians of all time. His country music is simple yet genius, his lyrics are life-changing epiphanies. All you need to do is listen to one of his songs, and you will be spellbound.

The fascinating thing you need to know about I’m not there is that Cate Blanchett played as a man, and she nailed it. Blanchett’s character, Jude Quinn, portrays the sixties era of Bob Dylan’s life. Other legends who played as Bob Dylan with different monickers are Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Richar Gere, and Marcus Carl Franklin. I’m not there was the final film of Heath Ledger while he was alive.

The treatment of the film is unique; the actors have given cathartic performances. The film is shot in both monochrome and colored formats. Bob’s notions, his mannerisms, his life, and his songs are given the due respect through “I’m not there.”