If X-Men Series was Re-made in Bollywood, Who Would Play who?


X-men franchise has created sensation over the last two decades. I think they were one of the first super successful franchise that introduced the world to the existence of mutants. India is waiting for an age of superhero films that will match the Hollywood standards.

I had funny yet entertaining thought what if, a Bollywood producer adapted X-men, the cast would be so glorious that it would be a moneymaker for sure. I pondered and came up with these names.

Professor Charles Xavier – Amitabh Bachhan

Who other than our big B will suit to play the poised architect of the X-men? Aamir khan also came into my mind, but Amitabh Bachhan sir would be perfect in the role of professor-X. He has the charisma to put a team together to save the world. I would not prefer him bald, though.

Wolverine – Hritik Roshan

If anyone can match the acting, the physique and the anger of Huge Jackman, it is Hritik Rohan. He is undoubtedly the best choice to play the painful, forever living, anti-social hero who makes the right choice even when he hates it.

Mystique – Kiara Advani

The new hot and cute sensation of Bollywood has the figure, and the charm to play the mysterious Mystique. She would do justice to the role as her acting skills are amazing. We have not seen her in part like Mystique, but I have a vision that she will be the best choice.

Storm – Priyanka Chopra Jonas

She has the Indian Helle Berry vibe. Imagine Priyanka controlling the weather to save the world alongside with Amitabh Bachhan’s Charles Xavior. She would look so amazing in white hairdo too. Maybe she will bring her husband to play a character.

Jean Grey – Disha Patani

We’ve all seen Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey in the X-men First Class franchise. Disha Patani would do justice to the role of the limitless and beautiful Jean Grey.