HP 400 Bluetooth Speakers Review


It was my birthday last month, so my brother flew out of Bengaluru as a surprise, and he bought me something I never expected, but I always needed A Bluetooth speaker. I have a laptop but never had a sound output device. What he got me is thrilling; it is the HP 400 Bluetooth Speakers. I didn’t know that HP made Bluetooth speakers. I have an HP printer, and the brand speaks for itself.

The HP 400 Bluetooth Speakers is red. It came with a charging cord and a user manual. It takes nearly two and a half hours to charge the Bluetooth speakers fully; the charge lasts about eight hours on average volume. The sound quality of the speaker is remarkable. I can immerse myself in the music and the moment. I’ve listened to several genres on the speakers, and I can say that the bass, treble, and clarity is fascinating.

The HP 400 Bluetooth Speakers is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. I have tried and tested it in my room and the park. Another great thing about the speaker is that it comes with a mic, if I am getting a call on my phone I don’t need to disconnect the speaker. The speaker weighs about 270 gm; it is easy to carry anywhere in the bag.

I don’t need to worry about dust and water that much. The HP 400 Bluetooth Speakers is dustproof and splash-proof. The speaker comes with a warranty of one year, which I think is fair, I don’t expect a product of HP to break or fuse. It was a great gift, and if you are looking to buy a sound output device, HP 400 Bluetooth Speaker is just the right product.