How Your Phone Is Interrupting Your Peaceful Sleep


The elephant in the room we rarely talk about is our addiction to phones. Whenever we are not doing anything else, we are on our phone scrolling something useless, but immensely entertaining. It’s all good when you do it in your free time. My contention is using the phone right before you go to bed. When was the last time you had a peaceful sleep without the help of any substance? When I thought about myself, I had a disappointing answer.

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I observed that my mind was restless before sleeping when it should be relaxed; I was betraying the very function nature designed my body to execute. To obtain a more in-depth understanding, I studied why phones were responsible for this regular disturbance of my sleeping pattern.


Our phones emit blue light. Constant exposure to blue light diminishes our 20/20 vision and disturbs our melatonin levels. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for our sleep cycle. When your melatonin levels are down, you will either suffer insomnia, wake up often during the night, and will not feel rested in the morning. Avoid using your phone before one hour before going to bed.

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Brain Activity

Can’t you also stop thinking lying awake when you should be dreaming in your sleep? Well, me too. Phones keep us productive and informed; we don’t need that when we need to sleep. Using phone right before sleeping will keep your brain hyperactive, causing you to overthink. Practice signing out from your phones so you can log in to your sleep.

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Not only your smartphones are responsible for your disturbed sleeping patterns, TV, computers, and any screen that emits blue light is highly likely to cause similar damage. Try avoiding screen at least thirty minutes before you go to sleep.