How To Take Care Of Your Hair And Protect It During Holi?


The day of colours is edging closer and the hustle-bustle of eager preparations are all we can think of. Gifts, colours, decorations, and food are all the primary things that everyone in our household is probably running after at this moment. Enjoyment and excitement apart, the perils of playing with coloured water and powder come the next day. We have all endured the struggle of trying to get the different colours out of our strands and dryness that follows after. Prevention is always better than cure is what they say, so here are a few measures to protect your hair,

Tips to take care of your hair during Holi:

Oil up:

The best and the most effective way to protect your hair from the harsh chemicals of dyes is to oil your hair (preferably with coconut oil) a few hours before you play Holi. The longer it stays on, the longer it penetrates your hair and scalp and it will not allow the colour to linger. It will act as a protective shield.

Put a cap on it:

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Before playing Holi, tie your hair in a bun or a ponytail. It is highly recommended that you cover your head with a shawl or shower cap to reduce the impact of colours.

Water is your best friend:

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During Holi and after, make sure you drink plenty of liquids to not cause dehydration. Another trick is to sneak away from time to time and put your head under clear water, this will not allow the colour to linger.

Shower right away:

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After your celebrations, call dibs on the bathroom and wash all the colours as soon as you can. It is a time taking process, rub in your shampoo for at least 10 minutes, make sure to use a body exfoliant to scrub your body in the meantime. The shampoo will help dislodge the colour and dirt, after you thoroughly wash off the shampoo, apply conditioner for moisture.

Restoring texture:

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The aftermath of Holi will leave your hair feeling dry and unpleasant for a few days. Your hair needs deep nourishment so it is going to be a task to bring your hair back to life for a week. Hot oil massages, DIY natural hair masks, proper conditioning, and shampooing will help restore your tresses.

This Holi, as we internally prepare to be doused in colour, let’s make life easier for our hair as we enjoy the day.