How To Strengthen Your Immunity Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic


Every year a new virus comes and creates panic all over the world, but this time things escalated quickly and the entire humanity is virtually in a lockdown. Even though the death rate due to COVID-19 is low, people are in fear as the virus is spreading quickly. There are many rumours floating around on social media, but I would recommend that you listen to your doctors and the Government guidelines. There are several general factors, which can boost your immunity, making you resilient against not only the Coronavirus, but all viruses altogether.

Consume Antioxidants

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Eating an adequate amount of plant-based food will enable your body to fight against free radicals, which cause oxidative damage. Antioxidants are the building blocks of your immune system. When the cells are healthy, your immune system works efficiently.

Consume Minerals

Minerals will activate all of the vital biological processes in your body, which includes detox, digestion, fighting diseases, and cellular regeneration. Minerals will also regulate your mood and enable you to differentiate when to panic and when not to. All of us need that right now, the core of our civilization is at stake.


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Meditation increases the oxygen levels in your body. Bodies with low levels of oxygen are the perfect hunting ground of virus and bacteria. Meditating will also improve your blood pressure and improve cognitive brain function.

Cold Showers

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Sounds like I am asking a little too much from several people, but Cold showers will increase the numbers of White Blood Cells in our body, which will keep all the diseases and infections at bay. There is a reason athletes take ice baths and cold showers.