How To Send The Revolutionary Self-Destructing Emails On Gmail


The secret to Google’s success is that they predict what the market needs before anyone else. They have answers to questions which have not been asked yet. This vision makes them the best corporate conglomerate in Silicon Valley. They have come up with another great idea, self-destructing Emails.

We need this feature to reduce the junk that is piled up in our mailbox and to prevent our secret and important emails from going into the wrong hands. Let me show you how this amazing feature works for us.

The mode of sending self-destructive email is known as ‘confidential mode.’ It prevents the receiver from forwarding the email also, as well as the receiver cannot copy or download the contents of the email. However, they can take a screenshot.

To send a confidential email, click on compose mail you will see a clock in the row of the send button. It is the last option of the row. When you click the click the clock after composing your email, a pop-up window will appear; asking you the set time timeline of self-destruction of the email. It can vary from one day to five years.

Please keep it in mind that the countdown to self-destruct begins from the moment you send the email, not when the receiver opens it. If they don’t open till the end of the count down, the email will self-destruct.