How To Remove All Kinds Of Makeup Stains From Clothes?


No matter how professional you are, you are bound to mess up your clothes with stains and smudges. Getting rid of these stains is such a difficult task and you shouldn’t make those stain look worse. So, here we have listed five simple and amazing ways for getting those makeup stains removed.

Use a Makeup Wipe

Yes, you heard it right. Makeup wipes are not supposed to be used on your face. They can help you get rid of those stains. Many makeup experts do practise this if they find themselves smeared with makeup It is very handy and actually it works. Just take one and rub it gently till that makeup stain is lifted. 

Shaving Cream

Who else knew that shaving cream can come to your rescue? Apply some on the stain and let it sit for 8-10 minutes. The cream is bound to dissolve the stain and after 10 minutes you can just wipe it off with cold water. Well, we don’t know if this shaving cream can come to use in the month of November If you know what I mean!


Found a tricky lipstick stain and all those tricks need external help. Well, hairspray can make help you remove makeup stain. Apply it on the stain and let it dry later with the help of a wet wipe remove the stain. The hairsprays that contain alcohol does this magic. 


Grab an ice cube and rub it rigorously on the stain. Coldwater from ice works to lift the stain. While using hot water would actually spread the stain. So you need to avoid using hot water even for minor makeup stain. You can eventually use warm or hot water when you later toss it in the water.  

A Blow Dryer

Using loose powder is frustrating as they settle down easily on the clothes we wear. Especially irritating to find them on whites and blacks. Any attempt to get rid of them smudges them eventually and thus making it a permanent stain. Take a blow dryer and just blow off the powder from the fabric and you’re good to step out.