How To Productively Survive The 21 Day Quarantine


These are dark times, but by not being together, we can survive this. Ever since our Prime Minister took the hardest decision to lock down the entire country, which is an unprecedented step, people are going into panic mode as if the world is coming to an end. These measures are taken to ensure that our families and we survive the Coronavirus epidemic.

Twenty-one days can go past smoothly, but when someone tells you to stay indoors, you freak out. It’s human nature to be afraid in times like this, and you need to stay indoors to ensure that you don’t come in contact with an infected person. Yes, your life will be less hectic as you don’t have to travel anymore. You will feel lonely sometimes or have fights with your family because of the frustration, but nothing is more valuable than your life today. A calm mind can win a thousand battles. If you manage these days with composure, you will come out on the other end a much productive person.


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Breathing exercises like meditation will balance your hormones and make your more patient. Your mind gets more oxygen making it more reasonable and robust in cognitive functions. If you are feeling anxious these days, meditation is the best remedy for you.

Learn a new hobby

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If you have a guitar lying around your house, rotting in the dust, this is the time to bring it out and learn a few online lessons. Log in to a language tutorial website or install an app. You will love to talk in French when you walk in the streets of Paris after the quarantine is over.

Learn to cook

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Millennials are most notorious for ordering food and never learning to cook. I am positive that this is time to turn yourself into a Masterchef and make some delicious dishes. It will improve your self-reliance, confidence, and bring you closer to plants.

Be resourceful

Even though the government has assured us that there will be no shortage of life essential items, but I think there can be a delay in arrival. And if you be resourceful, you won’t have to go out much, thus fulfilling the purpose of being healthy.