How To Prevent Hair Loss Before Its Too Late


Who hasn’t had a hair loss scare? All of us, at some point. While most of the time it’s just a false signal, later, it is more than that. But what could lead to unexpected hair loss? Changing your diet, loosening up on stress, and a visit to your specialist are just a few of the things one can do to stop loss. Read on to understand further.

Healthy eating patterns can do miracles for creating thicker and perfect hair. Eating lean foods, fish, soy, or other proteins promote hair condition and helps curb hair fall.

Aside from your genetics, there are several medical conditions. Ask a dermatologist how to stop hair loss, and further than he/she will tell you to be proactive and work to solve the issue before it starts or gets worse.

Blood flow to the scalp decreases when you smoke too much, and alcohol leads to that extensively. Alcohol is also culpable for dehydration, which makes hair to fall.

Some 25 percent of your hair follicles are made of water, and when you’re dehydrated, new follicles may be weak. Stay hydrated!

Not keeping your scalp clean can give rise to infections and dandruff, which cause hair to fall. Make sure you shampoo because the pollution all around is at an all-time high.