How To Pick The Right Highlighter For Your Skin Tone And Type


It’s 2019 and we can categorize beauty lovers into two groups- the ones who use a highlighter and the ones who don’t. But, if you are new to this area and a highlighter intrigues you then you have come to the right place. Today, I will tell you how you can pick the right highlighter, according to your skin tone and skin type.

Why is highlighting so popular?

Highlighting (only if done right, mind you) gives you a glowing skin. It makes you look young and makes your features stand out. Generally, one highlights their nose, forehead, chin, and even your cupid’s bow. However, for people with a round nose, skip highlighting your nose as it can make it appear even rounder.

How to use a highlighter according to your skin type?

So, before you pick out a highlighter, analyse your skin. If you have visible pores, a powder highlighter might not best for you. Because it will make them look bigger. Therefore, a creamy highlighter is what you need. Also, if you have normal or dry skin, a moisturizing highlighter in either creamy or liquid form is perfect.

If you want to achieve that no-makeup look you see so often then use a glowy primer along with a highlighter.

The best highlighter for Indian skin

Mainly, highlighters are available in only two shades- pink or peach. For people with pale to medium skin, a pink highlighter is excellent. It will help enhance your skin tone and add radiance. For dusky skin, peach works best. You can also add a dash of bronzer to it to make it look natural and elevate the glow.