How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer?


Are you in a dilemma to not let go off your hard-earned money and hair colouring into drains? We all have been there where we have spent a good chunk of money to get that perfect looking hair smooth, shiny and coloured. Making them stay longer is cost-effective and promising enough. But how do we do it has been the biggest question. Well, I have you sorted, just go ahead and read the tips that I have tried and tested.

Say Goodbye To Overusing Hot Tools

Many colourists believe that you should keep your hair away from hot tools. Blow dryers and straighteners are the aggregators of fading your hair colour. They would speed up the process and let you lose your hair spark. We agree that these tools are sometimes essential and we can’t say a complete goodbye, but you can limit its use. Use when you extremely needed.

No Hot Showers!

We all know that hot water makes our skin dry, but we forget how bad it could be for our hair as well as scalp. It can decrease your hair colour life. The temperature opens up cuticle thus will let go off colours and moisture. Hair experts suggest that one must wash their hair with room temperature water and towel dry then condition the. The last step is to rinse it off with cold water to seal the deal. According to research, it helps in long-lasting colour and makes them look hydrated whilst vanishing split ends.

Don’t Rush to Wash Your Hair 

If you rush in washing your hair, it will result in more dryness, and your hair will lose its integrity, in turn, resulting in more damaged hair. You can use dry shampoo as it makes your hair stay intact for long, thus less washing and more colour lasting. When you opt for a gentle sulphate free shampoo, it helps in soothing your hair follicle and makes sure that isn’t rugged.

Lessen Deep Conditioning

Now that you have coloured your hair and find them rough and dry, you would go for different masks available that you will use for deep conditioning your hair. Well, let me be honest; it will adversely affect your hair colour. A rich colour like vibrant red will start fading as the conditioner is thoughtfully-designed to get deeper inside hair follicles and to moisturise, it would hamper your hair quality resulting in adversity.

A Thermal Protectant To Your Rescue

You may be wondering, what is a thermal protectant? Well, it is nothing but a cream that one can apply before getting some hot tools on your hair. It will protect your hair from heat damage from styling tools like straighteners and curlers. Thermal protectants will help reduce colour fading by keeping your hair in good condition.