How to Make Stuffed Mughlai Keema Paratha


Stuffed keema paratha is one of my favorite north Indian delicacies. Always flaky and crispy stiffed with fatty meat, egg, and aromatic spices packed into a flatbread is still my got lunch or power-packed breakfast. I am mentioning here my original recipe, which doesn’t require much effort an is a joyful ride for tastebuds.

Firstly place mince keema in a bowl. Now mix green chilies, chopped onion, carrom leaves, ginger, and mix thoroughly with the keema. For spices, add turmeric, garam masala, chili powder, salt, and pepper and keep aside.

Now take a tawa or a pan and preheat it. Take the flour and divide it into equal portions like small balls. Apply some generous portions of ghee and dust it with some powder and wrap it like roti.

Take the keema mixture and spread it over the roti/paratha. Finally, fold that another half with keema mixture and form it into a semicircle. Drizzle some ghee on a pan and place the paratha on preheated tawa. Cook finely, until every side turns into golden brown by turning hands.

Transfer onto a plate by cutting it into little squares, garnish with a finely chopped mint leaves Serve Keema Paratha along with fresh Dhaniya Mint Chutney side of pickled onions.