How To Make Healthy Paneer (Cottage Cheese) At Home


Paneer is the king of Indian cuisine. Whenever an Indian family is dining out, there will always be a paneer dish on the table among the numerous on the menu. Vegetarians can’t get enough of it. We buy paneer from the local dairy or the supermarket. However, the paneer we buy possibly has lots of fat and less protein. My mother makes it at home in a few simple steps. It is delicious and rich in protein. If you are willing to put the work, here is the recipe of making homemade paneer.

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Things you will need

  1. One litre of full cream milk.
  2. Muslin cloth
  3. Citric acid
File:Panir Paneer Indian cheese fresh.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Step 1

Boil the milk for five to ten minutes. I would recommend you using fresh cream milk. Do not use stored milk or the end product will be undesired. Add two pinches worth of citric acid to separate the milk and water, stir for two minutes.

Step 2

Squeeze the water out of the milk after putting the semi-solid liquid in the muslin cloth through a colander. Ensure that most the water is out, but do not squeeze hard. Mind the warmth of the milk; your hands can be seared.

Step 3

Wash the paneer with fresh water to get rid of the citric acid flavour. Squeeze the water out again. Now, keep the paneer wrapped in the muslin cloth inside the refrigerator in a plate, and put a heavy object (Not too heavy) on top of the tightly wrapped fabric. Wait for thirty minutes; you are done. The paneer block is ready to eat and serve.

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