How to Maintain Good Eyesight in Your 20s


We behave lazily when it comes to our eyes. Even if we are facing some issue in our eyes, we try to delay to go to the doctor in apprehension or lethargy. Our eyes take most of the energy from our diet, and without them, we won’t be able to perform on our full potential. There are several major risks, too when we ignore taking care of our eyes.

When we are young; we take our health for granted as our immune system stays strong, but inside our organs put more efforts to process our unhealthy diets and poor lifestyle choices. These are some elemental tips for you to maintain good eyesight in your younger and later years.

Eat a healthy diet

To sustain good eyesight we need foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, and C. leafy greens, green tea, Indian gooseberry are an excellent source for these nutrients. If you are a non-vegetarian fatty fish is a great option too. Deficiency of antioxidants, excessive consumption of alcohol, or bad fats can harm your eyes, so try to avoid these negatives.


Exercising will improve the blood flow in your body, and pump more oxygen in your eyes too. It will lead to excretion of toxins that are accumulated in our bodies which ultimately will improve your health on a different level.

Quit Smoking

Smoking induces oxidative stress to your eyes radically. Researches have shown that smoking will cause your eyes to a number of health issues. If you are a smoker, this is another reason for you to quit this filthy habit. If you need help, reach out to your loved ones or consult a doctor.

Wear Sunglasses

The easiest and the coolest solution of all. We like to style ourselves with sunglasses, but they also help us to be protected from harmful UV rays of the sun. Wearing a hat can also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays to some extent.