How To Lose 20 Pounds Fast In A Month


Did an unexpected event arrive which needs you to be fit? Do you realize that you are overweight for the event? A wedding. a dance event, or simply a marathon run for a just cause? Well, if there is a will, there is a way. What if I tell you the method to lose 20 pounds fast in a month. You will have to work a bit harder than usual to get rid of those 20 pounds. But, losing 20 pounds in a month is a big deal. It is the next level transformation of the body. You will be healthier, you will be strong, and you will look beautiful.

What I am about to share is not just trial and error, it is the science of health. You will need to practice self-control with a strong will. Your temptations will test your patience. Keep strong for you have a higher purpose to solve here. Even if an event is not forthcoming, you should take this challenge of losing weight. A healthier you will perform a hundred times better. You will become happier in daily life, your confidence will skyrocket, your thoughts will have clarity. If you are willing to commit to your body, these are the ways to lose 20 pounds fast –

Eat more vegetables than usual

There is a reason why your mother always wanted you to eat vegetables. They are low in calorie, rich in fibre, healthy for your gut and intestine. The whole idea of healthy weight loss is taking more nutrition while cutting back calories, eating vegetables achieves exactly the same.

Say no to junk food

Junk food is full of trans fat, the answer lies in the name only, junk food. Junk food is super high in calories and has no nutritional value in it. The amount of sugar, oil, salt, and preservatives in junk food is so high it will cut years off your lifespan.

Lower your calorie intake

Weight loss is associated with lowering your calories. Your body will use the stored fat to make energy if you consume fewer calories in a day. If you manage to lower your calorie intake by 500 calories, you will see major changes in your weight in no time.

Devise a schedule

Don’t skip your meals to lose weight, it is a bad idea in the first place. Skipping meals slows your metabolism. You need to eat at the decided time. Take a heavy breakfast, light lunch, and even lighter dinner. You will not overeat this way and be energized all day.

Balanced meals

If you control your portion of food, this can be a decisive factor in your healthy weight loss routine. 50% of your meal should be of vegetables, 25% of lean protein, and finally 25% of whole grains and healthy fats.

Say no to white carbs

White carbs are white rice, pasta, flour, sugar, and cereal. These carbs are not in raw and natural form, they are refined through factory processes, which takes the nutrition out of this food. You are consuming more calories with less nutrition, it is not the way to eat.


Protein will build your muscle, keep you full, and build your strength. Chicken breast, tofu, lentils, eggs, nuts, and seeds are a great way to increase your protein intake. Make sure to eat vegetables along with protein or your pH balance will be disturbed.

Say no to processed food

Avoid eating anything that comes inside a packet. These food are frozen foods, packaged cereals, packaged foods. They are not fresh and are full of sodium, preservatives, and additive chemicals. You need to put natural food inside your body, not chemicals.


The balance of the right diet and exercising is the key to losing weight fast. Exercising will burn calories, tear your muscle tissues, which will be re-made through your healthy diet. You will come up stronger, leaner, and healthier on the other side.

Drink water

Keeping your body hydrated will serve you well in the process of losing weight. If you exercise, you should drink five litres of water every day, otherwise, three litres of water is fine. Water will make your organs function better, keep your full so you don’t overeat. Remember not to drink before 10 minutes and after 45 minutes of your meals. The best time to drink water is just after waking up, it will jump-start your body.