How to Improve Health the FASTing Way


For thousands of years, mankind has universally believed in one thing- the benefits of fasting. Great thinkers and philosophers like Socrates, Hippocrates and Plato emphasized the practice of fasting intermittently in life. Plato went on to say on record- “I fast for a greater mental and physical efficiency.”

Well, I concur Plato. And so would all of you today. Although food is a great stressbuster for most of us, the imbalance of its intake (read hogging on unhealthy carbs and fats) is what really gets us by the collar. Obesity, increased risk of diabetes and heart diseases are some of the many demerits of consuming food unhesitantly. And therefore, that is why since ancient times, fasting has proven to have medicinal benefits when the body practices it. As intermittent fasting is the talk of the town these days, let us understand how it benefits us and how we navigate around it by suppressing our hunger.

  • Replenish the body with liquids.

So you either begin your morning with tea, coffee or just plain water. Well, when you’re into an intermittent fast, you continue the entire day with the above liquids and their various forms. Just ensure they aren’t loaded with sugar and cream or the likes! Your hunger will never trouble you again.

  • Workout

The term doesn’t necessarily mean you hit the gym, but anything from rope-skipping and planks at home to a brisk walk. Like eating, workout gives you your desired ‘me time’ which our subconscious always yearns for. Also, in addition to intermittent fasting, there’s no better an inference.

  • Distraction

When one is going through a difficult phase in life, people around them try to distract the person from thinking and feeling much about the condition. Yes, distraction helps. Here too, distract yourself from the feeling of hunger when you’re fasting by involving yourself in other activities that will also benefit your persona.

  • Benefits

From kicking away chances of Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Obesity to having a more prolonged period of youth, glowing skin, and a stronger immune system, the health benefits are just endless here with intermittent fasting.

  • Track via an app.

In the age of mobile apps and AI technology, things have become much easier. A recent study has shown that those who self-monitor have a stronger chance of adherence to activity as opposed to those who don’t. Well, with a rating of over 4.7 stars, my personal favourite is Zero.