How To Get Your Best Party Skin Ever


Partying! These are some of the social events where you have to have a subtle natural makeup look. Sounds ironical, right? Well, it’s hard to strike the correct balance between skincare and makeup. Who does not admire a milky smooth and radiant skin? I mean you got to be crazy if you don’t want skin like that. Honestly, if asked to me, the only question which comes in my mind when seeing such a sacred skin is- How do they do it? What are they using on their skins? What is the sorcery behind it?

Bridging between the gap of rich, smooth, radiant skin and harshness of makeup products on skin is not a stone breaking task to do when dug deep into it. As well said, you need to take care of things to make it last long similarly all you have to do is, is to take care of it and nourish it.
Following are some tips so that #nomakeupselfie may just become an everyday thing for you.

Water, Water every day!

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A well-known universal fact, the more you intake water the better glow you’ll have. Water purifies everything, similarly, it purifies your skin. By removing all the dirt and toxins beneath your skin it gives you skin like never before.

Carry Make-up Wipes While Hitting The Gym.

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Hitting the gym means a towel full of sweat. While working out, you increase the secretion of oil and sweat glands from the skin pores and if not washed properly, it can clog your pores and cause acne. So keeping cotton wipes to clean your face up can help avoid such situations a lot.

Make-up Free Look, The New Inn
Less is the new more. Try to go make-up free whenever possible. Blending heavy primers, a foundation on your skin can block your skin pores leading to acne breakouts. So keeping it all-natural will help you avoid all the facade.

Go Healthy

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Tweaking your food habits towards healthy, oil-free food is a major step of keeping your face natural and glowy. Avoid eating extremely spicy and oily food. This effects the under layers of your skin which eventually degrades the quality of the skin.