How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dry Shampoo?


Considering the amount of water we waste during our showers, dry shampoo is one of the innovative ways of conserving water. However, there are certain points you need to keep in mind when you are using the product. Here, they are!

a. Do not follow blindly what your friend says nor buy the first shampoo you lay your hands on. For example – there are volumizing shampoos for fine hair and black coloured versions for dark coloured locks etc. Different hair textures require different kinds of dry shampoos and understand your tresses first and then pick what is right for you.

b. Don’t be too generous with the dry shampoo by spraying it all over your head. There is no harm as it will add all-over texture to the hair. However, it works only if you are aiming for the just-washed look. Also, if you are aiming for extra volume, then work the shampoo into the crown. It will not only add the extra volume but also give you a super-clean look. If your shampoo is in the powder form, then use your makeup brushes so that there are no splotches on your head and it blends well with the rest of your beautiful tresses.

c. It is called dry for a reason, so do not spray it on wet hair. Also, take care fo the fact that becoming too reliant on the drys shampoo can result in a dried – out scalp and resultant dandruff.

d. Once you are done applying it, do not touch the root as the oil present in your skin will get transferred into your hair. Thus, undoing all that effort, you put in. These are some tips which will help you to use your dry shampoo to the full potential without causing excessive damage to your hair.