How To Dress For The Festive Season


The festive season is here, the time when we get together, eat together and enjoy every bit of the season. As we know, fashion has reached the epitome, and new trends are blazing the markets this festive season with everyone going gaga to showcase the latest styles. Why not subtly hint at the season’s joyous nature by using a few of the methods outlined below, spreading some cheer and goodwill to all men in the best way possible

Experiment with fusion kurtas

Asymmetric kurtas are the most contemporary ethnic outfits with the relaxation of dressing up! To make a variation to your outfit, try patterned kurta or turn up a soft-coloured kurta with a long coat. You can also include an extra zing to your style with straight trousers instead of pyjamas and white shoes or loafers.

Flamboyant Jodhpuri pants

The jodhpur pants present suave flamboyance and give you an uber look. A dynamic bandhgala coat with a low kurta and loafers blend the ethnic and modern styles brilliantly. These loafers are absolutely in these days and easily accessible everywhere.

Make loud with your shoes 

Sometimes all you require as a differentiator is the perfect pair of shoes. In a pre-Diwali or wedding get-together, slacken the curbs on your outfit and include a pop-up colour with the loafers you get into!

Indo ensemble

A brew of classic styling and contemporary tastes. Explore this with a sweet-coloured short kurta, patterned jacket and Peshawari salwar. If you are shyer than 5’9’’, opt for a decent pant instead of a salwar.

Scarfs will keep you in the limelight

When it comes to bandhgalas and jodhpuris, veils are the unforgettable accessories that you must have to create the aura full of bravery and masculinity.