How To Detox Your Lungs


Our lungs take the biggest hit due to our lifestyle and pollution. Smoking, traffic, and smog are few of the prime reasons that build mucus in our lungs. The mucus traps the pathogens and microbes, and we need to expel the mucus for a cleaner set of lungs. Usually, our lungs start healing itself when we stop pollutants from entering such as smoking. I keep my body in shape and do mind about the internal organs. I detox my lungs regularly and this is what I learned to speed up the process of detoxing our lungs.


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Exercising helps our entire body to grow. It increases the supply of oxygen to our cells and organs which increases their stamina and metabolic rate. When we exercise regularly, the body works accordingly and uses more oxygen. Your lungs will get more air, thus increasing endurance and detoxification.


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When we inhale hot water vapors, the mucus is drained from our lungs. Warm water steam loosens the mucus and makes it easier for our lungs to drain it. In winters and in flu the mucous membrane restricts the blood flow causing difficulty in breathing. inhaling steam relieves the lungs right away.

Green Tea

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The potent antioxidants in Green Tea are so valuable for our bodies. I drink a cup of green tea thrice a day. If you are a smoker or used to smoke, green tea is a must for you. It will help your lungs be relieved from all the strain of smoke.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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Inflammation is the enemy of our bodies. If we eat foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature, it will not only help the lungs but the entire body. Lentils, cherry, turmeric, pineapple, walnuts, beans, and olives are the best anti-inflammatory foods.