How to Create a Simple Makeup Look That Still Stands Out


I love makeup; All kinds of it. From loud to soft, from bold to dewy––my love for this craft knows no ends. Dabbling in the art for so long, I have definitely created sections to navigate through the various kinds of makeup.

While I choose a winged eye and loud smoke over a neutral palette any day, here’s how you can create a simple makeup look that stands out from the crowd.

#1 Prime your face and cover it with the softest layer of BB Cream

To achieve that soft, dewy look, cover your entire face with a layer of primer, followed by BB Cream. Make sure your pores are covered and your skin looks even-toned.

#2 Line your eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your entire face, and so it is essential that you line them carefully. Don’t go overboard with extending the cut or changing their shape, just add to their natural shape.

#3 Fill your eyes with a soft brown shadow

The soft brown shadow on your eyes makes up for one hell of a simple look, which stands out amongst the crowd. You can finish it up with lining your eyes and adding mascara to your lashes.

#4 Finish your look with a classy nude lip

The best way to nail that simple look is with a nude lip. Adorn your lip with a color that suits your complexion the best and get ready to roll.

Hope this helps in nailing your perfect ‘simple’ look.

Toodles for now.