How To Choose The Perfect Shade Of Lipstick To Match Your Outfit


Before I started experimenting with make-up and trying on different shades of lipstick, I used to stick to a single shade. Since it looked okay, I would wear that shade everywhere, with every outfit. That colour had become a permanent fixture on my lips. Slowly, I started seeing the error of my ways. And now, after experimenting and understanding the art of make-up, I will tell you how you can choose the perfect shade of lipstick to match your outfit.


Sarees help you look utterly feminine and graceful. So, when it comes to choosing the right shade, I can understand the confusion. Always opt for a darker shade of lipstick to go with your saree. Even if you are comfortable with pink hues, you can choose a darker shade. It will enhance your look and make you look stunning.

Little Black Dress

Opt for red hues with your black dress. The classic red lipstick, coral red, plum, maroon, etc., will look absolutely perfect. But, when you opt for a bold lipstick, keep your eye makeup to the minimum. This will make you look classy yet sexy.

Bright yellow outfits

Now, you can choose two routes when it comes to a yellow outfit, and your choices are either a red lipstick or a nude shade. Trust me, they both look great.


For casual kurtis, opt for a pink shade. And, when I say pink, you already know that there are a plethora of options for you to choose from. From magenta to nude-pink, each option is fantastic.

White outfits

When it comes to white outfits, you are free to choose any shade. White is such a versatile colour that any lipstick shade will suit the outfit.