How to Buy Healthier Snacks


In today’s world, having a favourite processed snack or two at least isn’t a great deal. And that’s pretty much okay. Gone are the days when all that one could have was a home-cooked meal even while travelling. It’s twenty years past the 21st century, and we’ve come a long way. We travel just to buy snacks today. Our shopping carts are loaded with a ton of these processed evils. As our generation is entangled in the societal norm, how do we healthily navigate ourselves from here? The answer is pretty simple. We follow tips and ideas where we end up buying comparatively, healthier snacks for ourselves. This article lists out such tips which would make your next shopping ordeal like a pleasant cool breeze.

  • Never shop on an empty stomach!

This isn’t just advice, it’s a rule! And I’ve been following it since ten years almost. Yeah. When you’re hungry, your body craves for all the unhealthy and greasy carbs and fats. And you end up buying them, in great quantities! Then savour them while binge-watching Netflix all night.

  • Ignore the wrapper.

Yes. Another important factor. Attractively wrapping a product is an age-old marketing gimmick. And one that you should totally ignore.

  • Read the Ingredient List

Knowing what all is going into your food by reading out the back of the wrapper is far more important than one can imagine. If there’s a long list of them, I will try to avoid as the snack must have been processed a lot, or contains a lot of additives and substances unhealthy for the body. I try to stick to 6-10 ingredients in a snack when I choose one. However, remember there are exceptions too.

  • Check for Protein and Nutritional Value

The national governmental organisation has made the presence of the nutritional value of each product on its packaging mandatory since quite some time now. Use it well. If you’re concerned with choosing healthier snacks, there’s a strong possibility that you’d want to know its protein %. Ideally, a product is said to have high protein content if the protein % is over 20%.

  • Decline the idea of Flavours

The moment you lock your eyes on that BBQ flavoured nachos, run! Yes, when a product is flavoured, its ingredients are enhanced. And they’ll be the most unhealthy.

Stick to these tips (read rules) and you’d not only shop smarter but also save some bucks and not overload that trolley.