How Solo Trips Made Me The Person I Am Today


Everything starts with the likeliness of a certain thing, but not all the times, it turns out to be perfect. I have been through different situations where I didn’t know what I should’ve done to make the wrong ones right. But, everything is under the bridge now. I am a bit confident and can handle stuff on my own. Numerous things help me become the person I am today. Small coincidences, accidents, job switches, family troubles, and on and on. But, one thing that helped me throughout was my solo trips.

I was one of the few people who didn’t enjoy traveling a lot. I hated it, but as time passed, and after meeting several people, I realized it could be fun. Being a writer, I got to explore places which I never thought I would be able to. The spirituality, the loneliness, sleeping in nature’s lap, and whatnot. While writing this, I am again searching for new places to visit. 😉

The world is a strange place, and that’s something which makes the exploration more fun. I have been to thousands of places with people, and have completed more than ten solo trips, but solo ones were far better. I was doing stuff at my will, no problems. I got up when I wanted to and explored places until my feet didn’t give up.

Handling the pressure of being trapped and being alone for more than ten days at a strange place, can be fun, all you need to do is pick up your bag and leave for your next destination.