How Safe Is Ketosis? Let’s Analyse


Ketosis is now seen as a much-favored dieting method, thanks to the surge of the internet which glorifies the entire cycle of eating butter and bacon as a doable measure of losing weight. Everyone I know, myself included, has given this diet a try, and thus have a lot to say about its highs and lows.

Firstly, let’s explore the benefits of being in ketosis:

In my personal experience, Ketosis worked wonderfully as it helped me shed over 15 kgs, while successfully maintaining intermittent fasting. Ketosis also enhanced my athletic performance and helped me sleep better.

Ketosis changes your entire eating habits, and most bodies aren’t ready for that overhaul.

Being in ketosis is safe for a majority of people, as it provides many health benefits, including weight loss, and insulin levels and optimal blood sugar to name a few.

While I can’t speak for the masses, Ketosis certainly helped me in the short run, but not so much in the long run. The weight I lost quickly found me back and I grew allergic to a lot of food items I had to quit during keto.

I can no longer eat dairy or a majority of nuts, as they gave me severe diarrhea.

It is advised that you must consult a doctor before you start ketosis.

Hope this helped. Toodles for now.