How Running Every day (Even A Little Bit) Changes Your Life


They say a morning person loves to run — the fresh breeze of the morning, which fills our body and soul with ambition. Little by little, it detoxifies our organs every day, and we live longer and healthier. Not everyone likes to get up in the early hours of the morning and take long strides with their pet or alone. If you don’t want to run (Even a little bit) Let me make my case to help you understand the significance of it.

If you have gained weight and feel tired most of the time, even the simplest of tasks makes you hate your life; it merely means you are taking excess sugar in your body which is not being burned through physical activity and then it is stored in you as fat.

A close freind of mine who shifted to another city suffered the same condition as me. When he came back for the summer vacation, he was a different person altogether. His weight was drastically lost, and his personality became charming, and overall he behaved very positively. I talked to him for hours that day and understood that I need to run daily and see the results of my self. These are the factors that changed everything for me.

Do not skip a day

Treat yourself as you are in a military camp and you have no choice but to run every day, it’s not a mood or exhaustion thing, it is a conscious decision. If you commit to this decision, you will see that you will become more ambitious and dedicated to your other tasks also.

No Distractions

Wake up, get dressed, and get moving. Do not wait in thinking about what to wear, decide to wear the same clothes for running, do not waste time on your phone, move. Fighting your distractions will empower you with the habit of focus, and it goes a long way.

Have a reasonable goal

You don’t have to become an athlete, analyze your condition, be clear about your weight and health goal, and work towards it. If you achieve what you want to, set the next goal. It is never about being the fastest or running certain miles; it is about the habit of commitment and dedication, which makes you a winner.