How Long Was The Journey Of This Year’s Oscar Winners?


This year’s Oscars were something special, history was made and the presentation was not boring at all, a rare compliment to the Academy Awards. Every year, at the Oscar Awards, lives are changed when dreams become the present. However, this one night is the result of years and years of hard work, talent, and luck. The actors and filmmakers we admire so much finally get to make their speeches and make a difference.

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

As spectators, we see the glory of success, but we mostly are unaware of the struggle and learning behind it. I wanted to comprehend on it today and I realised that Brad Pitt is working in Hollywood since 1987 and he has given so many remarkable performances over his career like in Moneyball, The curious case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, and Inglorious Bastards, which were certainly worthy of the award, still he got his first at 56 years of age. We have seen Joaquin Phoenix concede so many times but he finally won today, his performances in The Master, Walk The Line, and Her were outstanding.

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People in their wildest dreams didn’t expect that parasite would create history and defy the status quo of the Oscars, anything is possible in this everchanging world. Laura Dern’s first Oscar nomination was in 1991 and she won the award in 2020. Roger Deakins has been nominated fourteen times for Best Cinematography yet he won only twice, first for Blade Runner 2049 and second for 1917.

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Sometimes you win, most of the time you lose; the lesson to be learned here is that you should be persistent and keep on growing as a person and an artist. Try to be as original as you can, send a message, and keep on entertaining people, and the journey will be worth it.