How Is Misleading Information Spreading Mass Hysteria About Coronavirus?

Hyderabad: Medical workers attend to a suspected coronavirus patient (L), who travelled from Dubai, as he is shifted to the isolation ward of Gandhi Hospital, in Hyderabad, Thursday, March 19, 2020. (PTI Photo)(PTI19-03-2020_000132B)

With information being created over widespread media and social handles, Coronavirus has become a fearful disease among everyone. The mass hysteria about the Coronavirus is worse than the disease. A lot of people are subjecting their perspective based on the myths.

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Numerous channels and social media creators are using this to boost their sales and get clicks. They are trying to sell their beliefs with no facts. And for everyone, it is becoming an episode of random panic which are settling in, supermarkets becoming ghosted and wary and people coping into self-isolation.

How mass hysteria is being created?

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None the less, we can always blame the media for that. If you can see, then the Coronavirus stats and figures are getting worse. But, panic and spreading of fake news will not prevent it. The active cases are around 678,969+ currently, if you can see the graph for the ones and those who have recovered, they are much better than those who have deceased. But there is something which you need to know that the Coronavirus is not really a joke. It is a severe pandemic and targetting every kind of people, irrespective of their status, caste or creed.

Don’t pave into the panic!

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Don’t pave and buy the panic. Yes, the major panic is because of the widespread availability of news and social media platforms to people across the globe. Instead, it is time for us to come together and help each other. Social distancing is a must for a few weeks right now. If we can keep it up and focus on what scientists and doctors are advising rather than believing in fake news, we will be safe. Till then, stay at your home and don’t fall into traps. This is a global pandemic for sure, but with the advent of technology, doctors will come up with solutions.