How Effective Is The Ban On Single-Use Plastic?


Single-use plastic is the immortal cancer of our planet. It is pertinent to mention that plastic has a lifespan of more than 1000 years. We don’t have the storage to hoard plastic. We have dumped our problems on the ocean, and it is killing the life of corals. The diverse ecosystem of corals protects us from the wrath of the ocean. Not only the corals balance the life cycle of underwater life, but it also protects land from storms, dangerous organisms, and wave actions.

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Thanks to the activists in India and initiatives from the Government also, we are moving forward in the direction of banning single-use plastic. 50% of the plastic waste is of single-use plastic products like polythene bags and straws. In my city Indore, the cleanest city of India, we have absolutely stopped the use of polythene and we use paper bags or fibre bags to carry our things. There is a hefty penalty in Indore and Bhopal for even keeping polythene bags at any store or restaurant.

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In the state of Madhya Pradesh, citizens are vigilant and prompt in managing waste from their houses. We don’t keep polythene bags at home, we carry cloth bags in our vehicles just in case we might need them. The effectiveness of single-use plastic ban needs both governments and the public to be considerate of the planet’s future.

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If you are not worried about others, remember yours and my children will be living on the planet when we are gone, what kind of world do you want to leave for them? Where they fight for oxygen and water? I sure hope not.