How Dressing Affects Your Attitude And Emotions?


If I tell you that there is a reason why people wear a formal blazer, deck up themselves for a meeting has something to do with psychology. Well, you would think that I am just stating the obvious which I as told to us during our college communication skills. There have been various studies and research about this processing ability and if was brought to notice that people who dressed well felt more powerful, honest, real and people’s person. 

What can your dressing make you do? Dressing Directly affects your process of carrying out activities. 

Makes you a better thinker 

People who wore formals in their day to day life seemed to think faster and have more creative ideas. Dressing changes the perception of objects, people and surroundings around us. You—sparking fresh ideas and a new point of view. If you dress up to work out you tend to work hard and do intense training. 

Makes you smarter

Intelligence is often judged by the people around us. Doctor coat, pilot’s uniform makes you look smarter and portrays how intelligent you are fir the outer world. A recent study shows that it’s not just what one wears but also what one thinks of what you wear that matters.

Makes you concentrate more

It is often believed that we seem to enact the personality traits around us. Here it makes sense as we all know that if you tend to wear doctors coat then you are ought to be careful, rigour, and good at giving attention to very details around him. 

Your clothing helps in getting your way

We all know how much we hate haggling over things like car, house, water Bill etc. Clothing gives an urge to speak for ourselves. Even if you experiment different methods of concluding this we are sure that clothing gives an edge and acts as a plus point for any type for the talker.