How does an In-flight Flight Attendant Look Refreshed and Rejuvenated on Every Trip


A flight attendant never looks pale, with the right amount of makeup, well-groomed clothes and a beautiful smile making sure that each and every traveller is carefully travelling irrespective of how much ever that person tres hampering their day. 

What makes them look so fresh, tidy has always been a question to our curious minds. When we travel we have noticed that flying takes a toll on your skin and wonder how these flight attendants don’t look dull or tired at all, whereas we look dehydrated.

So I thought of asking these questions to one of my friend who works with Emirates cabin crew, Miss Nisha to find out how she manages here to look at 30,000 feet. 

Yes, she did admit that it becomes really tough on their skins to go through altitude change. Well, they make sure that they remain hydrated and keep their face as clean as possible to avoid drying out or breakouts. 

Some key tips that she did give me and I would like to share are – avoid using waterproof mascara as it dries out the lashes and thus it becomes difficult to remove the makeup after sleeping onboard. Nisha also shared certain products that she uses before boarding a flight. From face oils to setting sprays. 

Following are the products that you must think would add so much than just a drill in your pocket, I mean in a good way! 

  1. Argan Oil :

You can put pure argan oil all over my face. It is amazing because it is not super greasy but also does not dry your skin. You can do that before you put on the foundation. We would recommend this Sephora argan oil! 

2.) Rose Water

We all have grown up with rose water at our houses. So whenever you felt that you need to have your own spa you always thought of a cotton bud immersed in rose water. She says it helps keep her face moist and refreshed. It helps in keeping your face moist and refreshed. If you need a recommendation then this rose water is definitely the one that you should include in your make up routine. 

3.) Sheet Masks 

If you need a quick flight refreshment them having a face sheet mask would do wonders. They are just perfect when you just want to get refreshed within 15-20 mins. These easily available hydrating masks are available on and are very much affordable for sure. 

4.) Exfoliating scrubs

To remove the excess dirt that disrupts your skin, exfoliating scrubs ensure that you still look fresh during the entire night. The dead skin makes you look dull and so a cleanser would add much cleaning of your skin. 

5.) Setting spray 

A skin when prepped and primed needs to be applied later with makeup. Using organic makeup during flights would ensure that your skin isn’t greasy after a while and makes you look supple enough during your entire journey. So if you want to avoid feeling cakey and easy on the go then setting spray would do its wonder and help you look human. Well, you can re-apply lipstick and a bt of blush to let your face look brighter during take-offs.