How Changing My Diet Helped Me Cope With My Anxiety


I have always dealt with anxiety as a child. But as I entered my adult years, it just hit me, full-fledged. Maybe it was because I had started spending my evenings with too much alcohol or maybe the pressure of studies and work, the stress was definitely getting to me.

It was like a heavyweight, a burden I carried with me everywhere. No matter what I am doing, anxiety was with me, keeping me company. Of course, during this time, I had started to neglect me. And by this I mean, I completely ignored my body.

I had stopped exercising; in fact, I would get up only when I had to. And yes, as you can imagine, my eating habits were just as bad. From consuming oily and fried food in the mornings to devouring an entire large pizza by myself at night, I even started gaining weight.

Now, amidst all this, you must probably think I had an epiphany and started making a change in my life. But sadly, it didn’t occur so soon. In merely three months, I had gained almost 13 kilos and this further fueled my anxiety.

My turning point was when my elder sister came to visit me. She was shocked by seeing me. She knew something was wrong and had a lengthy chat with me and this is when I broke down. I then realized that I was simply throwing my life away.

The next day, my sister took me to a nutritionist. The first month was incredibly difficult for me. The second month was a little easy and I could see the difference in my skin. Also, my anxiety had become very much in control and I was genuinely happy most of the time. Within six months, I had lost all my excess weight and was as fit as a fiddle.

My whole experience made me realize and analyze the connection with our bodies. Once I got my diet in control, and start exercising regularly. I was in a better place mentally!