How Casino Royale Changed The James Bond Universe


The James bond franchise is one of the oldest existing franchise in the world. The characters created by Ian Flemming live and thrive on the cinema screen to this day. Daniel Craig brought something special to his character that was previously seen only with Sean Connery.

Until 2006, the James Bond franchise followed a new line of a plot with each film. But this time they decided of making it personal for James and M both. Casino Royale is the first movie where the character of James Bond fell in love and desired to retire. An unusual plotline to the seductive spy, which worked pretty well.

The storyline of Casino Royale was so engaging that it took a spy-thriller franchise into a world of drama, emotions, that too through a game of Poker. The strong performances by Daniel, Eva Green, and Mads Mikkelson were the best thing about Casino Royale.

The film began with the beginning of James Bond’s career, how he earned to Licence to kill and become the 007. This reboot to the character was much needed.

Casino Royale led to the origins of James Bond in Skyfall. This dept to the character was never thought of in the past films. These elements change the world of James Bond for the better.