How Can You Even Find Something To Watch?


When we were kids, we had nothing but television, and as we grew up, thousands of things were introduced. Now, back in the days, we never used to face any problem in selecting what we want to watch. But today, we have millions of options, but we don’t know what to watch. Strange, isn’t it? Well, I am writing this article, after I wasted more than an hour yesterday night on TV in searching for what should I watch. The scene was quite frustrating, and I researched a lot about our mind itself while trying to figure out why such a thing is becoming so frequent. The problem is our psychology, and you might have noticed it happening with you in places where you find things in abundance. The question still remains unanswered – how can you find something to watch? Well, these are some things that I was able to learn after my research.

  • Personality Test: Now, this is something that will help you figure out what actually entertains you and whatnot. Yes, streaming services suggest you a lot of things, but you still don’t find them cool, so why not figure out your way. List out the genres you prefer, and move on.
  • Psychoanalysis: I know it sounds strange already! I am joking, go ahead and look for stuff that relaxes your brain, others there’s no point in watching anything.

Just watch whatever you like. I know you feel like you wasted your time, but it was better than searching for something to watch and end up sleeping.