How Can You Contribute To Reduce Pollution This Diwali


Diwali, festival of lights, right? So, what precisely that light mean? Hope, Love, Life, isn’t it? Green Diwali is a movement intended to lessen adverse environmental conditions, especially pollution in the country after Diwali celebrations. This is because of the excessive blowing of crackers, which add substantially to air and noise pollution. Saving the atmosphere is essential. The provocation of pets, children and the sick through open and noise pollution is wrong. I am able to understand such problems because one of my friends has a breathing problem. So, I think that it is high time that we understand that pollution is critical and requires a solution.

I turned up on fireworks when I was young, and after a few years when I saw photographs of children who were almost my age scorched, injured, and perplexed because of the dreadful conditions in Sivakasi, where they served in firework factories sent shivers down my spine.

If kids prompt me burn crackers, I take care not to burst loud crackers, as noise is not the bottom line of the holiday; brightness is. Loudness brings more discomfort to grown and kids, while bright lights, not so often.

You might enjoy fireworks only one day, but the fog doesn’t die out the same midnight. It doesn’t dissolve for over a month, indeed. So be sensible and decide accordingly.

I would suggest you light an abundance of lamps, decorate homes tastefully, invite friends, have sweets, and have fun. Just watch to decrease down the decibel levels as the idea is to go on with light and no sound.

With the joint endeavour, as proposed above, India can influence a radical cutback in air, and noise pollution caused because of Diwali festival. I call and stand for the transformation!