How Bad Is Tap Water For Your Skin?


We are vigilant enough to purify our drinking water, but should we stop at that? There are a lot of skincare products sitting on our shelf, but what about the water we are washing our body with? All of us wash our faces with tap water, and I don’t think we have the idea about its hardness. Dandruff, itchy skin, hair fall, premature greying are one of the daily problems we face, and there is a direct connection of tap water with it.

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The damage Quotient

The quantity of minerals like magnesium and calcium in tap water is more than gentle on our skin. Yes, it does incur some damage on our skin, but it depends on the hardness of water and the type of your skin. The impurities, free radicals, and minerals cause oxidative damage. Water softening measures are beneficial to minimize the levels of these impurities.

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What To Expect

Sensitive skin will face the most damage coming in contact with hard tap water. Excessive dryness, pimples, and irritation are a likely possibility. You can also expect wrinkled skin in extreme cases. If you have psoriasis, hard tap water will surely make it worse. Hard water leaves our skin exposed by destroying its protective barrier. The skin loses its moisture, and it can also hinder collagen production. In combination with oxidative damage, you will look older than you are as signs of ageing will occur prematurely.

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Damage Control

If you can install a water softener in your water tank, you have solved your problem to quite an extent. But, buying a water softening system can be expensive. In that case, micellar water is a great option to wash your face and hair. If you cant follow the above solutions, you should keep your skin moisturised and hydrated all the time to minimise the damage.