Hottest Beard Styles That You Can Rock


Now beard styles have reached new heights. The trend is going higher day by day. These days a lot of men, including myself, like trying out new things. There are even scientific studies to show that some women are more attracted to guys with facial hair! But with so many different beard styles out there, it’s essential to select the best beard styles to match your style and face type. Check out some of these suggestions which I have tried.

1. The Short Beard

Short beards are easier to care for; they look tidier and are much more appreciated at your workplace too. This beard style is the most common nowadays.

2. The Goatee With Stubble

The Goatee with Stubble beard style is a massive hit in the growing generation. It has a laid back and chilled out appreciative, without the effects of looking unkempt and dirty. It takes very little work and attention, so we understand why it was a popular choice among men.

3. Full Beard

The full beard is hardest to rock, but it works with several hairstyles, as well as mustaches. Donning this beard style may seem easy to many men, but believe me, it needs a lot of work.

4. The Van Dyke

It is a mixture of a mustache and a goatee, along with some precision styling. You need to wait until your beard becomes a bit long. Gradually shape it using a good shaver.

5. The Shorter Long Beard

This one is more difficult than tedious, but one that has the potential to give you a sincerely hot look. The shape of this beard will be on the edge of a hipster look, but it’s still significantly shorter in length.