Hotstar Specials Criminal Justice Review


It is a ten episodes mini-series, about murder and rape crimes, which took place in Mumbai. In initial chapters, it demands a lot of understanding, but after 2–3 episodes; it turns out to become boring and often develops into a dull series. The show makes me wonder Crime Petrol was much better than this. It looks it was extended to 10 episodes because it was required to stretch the plot. So after watching 10+ hrs of torture here is my brief review of the show.

The character portrayed by Pankaj Tripathi was top of the class, another masterstroke by Pankaj here. His acting was much better than compared to Mirzapur. Vikrant impresses again as he justifies why he was cast as the lead protagonist. Still can digest the fact why editing of this show was so dull half of time you can’t hear what Jackie Shroff character was saying.

I think creators and directors should spend more time on watching B-grade Indian soap operas so they would have discovered plenty of loopholes in the narrative — the fragile characterisation of the corporate lawyer seems monotonous, unacceptable and felt so stereotyped. The show initially started as a decent murder mystery with all the mandatory elements, but somewhere down the path lost its original scheme and finished up more like the biopic of a criminal who was left behind to rot in prison.

Let me put it out there I have seen the original series on which its Indian counterpart is based and at first, I was furious about the treatment of a great story. Still, in the end, creators delivered a load of mediocrity to the Indian audience.