Hotstar Kanpuriye Review


Kanpuriye is crime based comedy movie by the leading digital platform Hotstar studios. Directed and written by the same guy Ashish Aryan story revolves around three dudes and their hustle in the city of Kanpur. The film has a lot to provide in terms of narrative where it speaks powerfully about the backdrop of residents of Kanpur.

One of the brightest parts of the web film is the variety of the star cast ensemble. Three guys are chasing their dreams in a city where lawlessness has continuously been at the peak, and you have to achieve something extra here. Another thing which i liked about the movie is constant one-liners, amusing conversations which will not disappoint in your terms of laughable moments.

I can express this was the finest and well-written film on a web platform. Indie cinema where content is the fundamental motivating force, and you giggle at the scene where you feel for the personalities, brilliant handling of music in the scenes and music is like the cherry on the cake for some scenes.

The flick is about that glowing time in our lives that establish who we grow into. This is a perfect light-hearted movie which unquestionably should have been dropped on a big screen. More pictures of such character should be produced. Only very glad for director Ashish Aryan, looking forward to his future launches.