HONOR Band 5i Review


It has become quite the trend to own fitness bands and smartwatches, whoever can buy whatever owns a wearable gadget to maintain their social status. I on the other side wanted to buy a fitness band to prepare for the marathon six months later. There are so many brands out there, I was confused on which one to buy? I finally decided on the HONOR Band 5i. I have been using it for a month now.

The HONOR Band 5i came in a typical gadget packaging. The band weighed less and had many features. I was impressed by the oxygen saturation data on the band. I’ve never seen any band show oxygen levels in your bloodstream. The sleep data is quite accurate. The display was colour which I loved because other bands in this price range don’t provide such features. The Band has direct USB connectivity, I don’t need to carry a cord like other bands to connect it for charging and updates.

I like that you can change the display theme, it feels like a new watch all the time. My heart rate is monitored every second all day. It has a phone locator, and you can click pictures by touching the panel, these are some really cool features.

I can easily control the music player of my phone from the band, I don’t need to whip my phone out for that. I loved the features in the affordable pricing. I am happy with the performance of the band, and would certainly recommend it for everyone to buy.