Homemade Spinach, Feta and Tomato Egg Sandwich


The legendary Starbucks wrap can easily be made at home. Don’t know how? Well, I am here to tell you. With a whole grain lavash wrap, egg whites and a simple homemade sun-dried tomato spread, feta and main ingredient spinach, it’s way easier than you might think. Making this will not only save time and money but will be a great breakfast, and you can indulge in an amazing coffee at Starbucks instead!

Combine the cream cheese, olive oil, dried tomatoes. Blend into small pieces add salt and pepper as your desired tastebuds. Set this aside and prepare for a wrap.

Place a pan on the stove and drizzle some olive oil and heat it on medium flame. Add fresh spinach into the pan and occasionally stir till spinach is decreased in size. Transfer In plate set this aside.

Now for eggs, break 2-3 eggs in a skillet and drizzle some salt and pepper stirrer until cook evenly. Use a spatula and flat some bacon until fats are excluded from it and are crisped like bacon sticks.

Now for assembling spread the sun-dried tomato spread, cream and eggs on a whole wheat tortilla wrap and sprinkle bacon and your favourite seasoning. Roll the wrap tightly and put it on a skillet and cook until brown from either side. Slice it in half and serve it cold.