Hold Your Breath: Andy Serkis Is The Director Of Venom Sequel


To be honest, Venom was the worst Superhero I have ever seen. The only good thing about the movie was Eminem’s song “Venom.”The movie lacked traction, storyline, a sense of attachment and I can go on for about an hour so let’s just stop it here.

Why are they making a sequel if the movie was so bad? Because it made a hell lot of money despite the negative response from the critics as well as the audience. More than $800 million on the box office spoke volumes about the established fan base. Tom Hardy gave a great performance as always.

It is my observation that Marvel Studios and Columbia pictures dug deep into their mistakes and decided to do this one right as it has the potential to become a franchise. Onboarding Andy Serkis will end up being a great decision in terms of opening up the movie’s potential.

Andy Serkis is a visionary man when it comes to VFX. He is the only actor to have been nominated for an Oscar upon playing a VFX character, “Gollum” in “Lord of The Rings.” His role as Caesar in the modern “Planet of the Apes” franchise is remarkable. Andy knows his craft when it comes to VFX characters and he will definitely bring something fresh on the table.

With Jared Leto playing “Morbius,” a vampire who cannot either stop his bloodlust or his love for a woman Felicia Hardy, a mutual love interest of Peter Parker too. Plus Woody Harlenson is playing Carnage. I think the sequel will be a hit.