Here’s Why You Should Save For Travel, Not For Staying


The world is currently amid a crisis, which has caused a lot of us to stay inside the homes. The home, which we invested in, and want to make as luxurious as possible with every passing day. But, just after a few days, people are trying to convey that Working From Home is not always fun. It can make us a junkie for resting. It will be quite right to guess that you are reading this while working from home with your lazy bum, which really wants to go outside and feel the fresh air. I can even bet that you might not have thought of taking a vacation or going out before this crisis of just sitting at home. I am not saying staying at home is terrible, but now many people are beginning to realize what lies in the world and how essential it is for everyone to step foot out of their house.

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Travelling can not only enthral your body but purify your mind and make you think about yourself. It’s not just a thing which people recommend to spend but to enjoy the serene gorgeousness this world has to offer. It’s like the world is full of hidden perfume dispensers; all you need to do is step out. This is why most people say that one should spend on experiences. A simple yet precise way to do that is by travelling.

Spending on home, marriages, and other things is fine, but to an extent. Why? Well, we all go out of this world with memories and not the possessions we have. It may sound philosophical, but life’s too short for material properties, and it is better to use intellectual property, which is your brain and live the experiences which you can during the brief period you have in this magnificent place.

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Just for a sec imagine, you have 60-65 years on an average to live, among which 15-20 years are spent in studying, and after that, you have no time for anything except for earning money. This is how an individual lives his/her life, and when you are done earning, you don’t have enough time or physicality to travel.

Now imagine living in the woods, luxurious villas, countries that you once wandered in your dreams while sitting on a couch, with enough money for your survival and regular needs. Sounds fascinating? Of course, I guess. The world has a lot to offer with its scenic beauty spread across the boundaries of our imaginations. From Victoria Baths in Manchester to lip-smacking dishes in Paris, there’s plenty on our plates to explore. You need to dwell and save some of your earnings.

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Travelling is all about experiences, learning, unveiling, and feeling a place and the journey that comes along with it. Hence, it is essential to save for travel. I am not saying that staying in one place and investing in materialistic things is terrible; it’s all about how you want to live your life. The turmoil of life has already caused a lot of damage, and there are essential things you can do to gather memories from voyages that are beyond your expectations, and in the end, you are left with nothing but everlasting memories that you would love to relive again.