Here’s Why ‘Joker’ Is Facing Backlash In Spite of Good Reviews


Todd Phillip’s directorial ‘Joker’ starring Joaquin Phoenix will see him stepping into the famous figure of the iconic villain Joker. Joker was recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival and received a galore of positive reviews pouring in from experts. But opposed to the excellent feedback, ‘Joker’ is facing resistance from a few categories of fans.

Joaquin stars as Arthur Fleck, a wannabe stand-up comic in Gotham City who after a sequence of failures and blows, finds himself shifting to a life of felony and developing into more deranged while he’s at it, which sets him on the track to turning into the Joker.

‘Joker’ is facing controversies with concerns to the titular role. According to reports carrying rounds, the script of the film had leaked and made everybody a view of the narrative.

The script revealed that Phoenix’s role of Arthur Fleck aka ‘Joker’ would be represented in a different version from the regular-cynical comic tone, which has been engaging the crowd on the celluloid.

It did affirm that the character of Joker would be displayed in a more sensitive light rather than his previous menacing and dangerous symbol. First thing first, it’s bitter about criticizing any film based exclusively on a draft.

Joker was invariably going to be a disputable film in some manner. He’s massive and universal a figure, not to point out too alarmed, for there not to be individuals miserable with how events spun out for one reason or another. Backlash is identical to frequent reactions to violent video games. And it is utterly unreasonable to point out that a picture might have a significant negative impact on a human who is already sensitive.

Joker is one of the most prominent antiheroes in the pop-culture records. It’s sadly correct that there will be folks who’ll take the wrong sense from it, but pictures are always open to divergent perceptions, and there are far more compelling issues to discuss when it comes to scenes of crime or just the practice of toxic masculinity than Joker.