Here’s How You Can Improve Your Home Coffee-Brewing Experience


Brewing a mean cup of coffee takes so much more than skill or the equipment. It takes a lot of love and dedication to achieve this level of perfection. And even then, if the portions aren’t properly weighed, it can sink the entire drink.

It’s nice to have some tricks up your sleeves. Here’s how you can improve your home-brewing experience:

#1 Keep the air out of your coffee beans

Oxidation is the driving force behind the change of coffee beans’ texture and flavour. Ambient air carries 19 to¬†21 percent oxygen and it is the driving force behind coffee going stale.

#2 Measure your coffee beans religiously

To make your coffee reliable and punchable every time, you must start weighing the beans. Scoops and measuring spoons aren’t as good a measure as an actual scale. To perfect an average cup of brew, you need 14.3 grams of beans.

#3 Don’t forget the use of water

Hot water is super solvent and is a pro at extracting flavours out of the beans. Always use purified water for your coffee.

#4 Buy a pour-over setup

Make sure you have a really decent pour-over setup. There are some amazing options available online. They aren’t the most cost-efficient, but they do have the best payout.

Make sure you follow these tricks and also pass on the batton.

Toodles for now.